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Invest In Ireland Awards 2019

Martin Shanahan CEO of IDA Ireland, the

Irish State agency responsible for

attracting inward foreign direct investment

to Ireland.

Ireland has an impeccable track record for attracting Foreign Direct Investment over the last 50 years, bringing established companies, large and small to the Republic.

The FDI sector is a major part of the Irish economic success story. The Invest In Ireland Awards vision is to reward excellence in the inward foreign direct investment sector and shine a light on the positive contribution that these companies make to Ireland and the Irish economy. It provides a valuable opportunity to elevate the organisation’s profile, network with other FDI leaders and promote the business to potential new talent.

The 2nd Invest in Ireland Awards took place on 7th November 2019 at Intercontinental Hotel, Dublin. Building on the strength of the inaugural event in 2018, some of the leading FDI companies in Ireland entered and won the 2019 Awards include Beckman Coulter, Sanofi, VMware, Takeda Dunboyne Biologics, Fidelity Investments, West Pharma and ConsenSys.

2019 Invest in Ireland Awards was a partnership between Independent News & Media and Alchemy Event Management and sponsored by IDA Ireland, Cpl Resources, William Fry and Vistra.

Winners of 2019 Invest In Ireland Awards across 9 categories are:


Beckman Coulter Ireland won the Gold in Excellence in Regional Investment category sponsored by IDA IRELAND


Sanofi won he Gold in Organisational Transformation category sponsored by William Fry Law


Fidelity Investments won the Gold in Use of R&D category sponsored by Vistra Group Ireland


VMware International Ltd won the Gold in The Commitment to Diversity category a sponsored by Cpl Jobs


Takeda Dunboyne Biologics won the Gold in The Staff Up- Skilling category sponsored by Cpl Jobs


West Pharma won the Gold in CSR Initiative category sponsored by Independent Newspapers Media


ConsenSys won the Gold in Emerging Business Investment of the Year category sponsored by Vistra Group Ireland


Beckman Coulter Ireland won the Gold in Commitment to Sustainability category sponsored by William Fry Law


Lifetime Achievement Award – FDI Hero 2019 went to Catherine Duffy, Senior Vice President, Northern Trust Limerick sponsored by IDA IRELAND

Beckman Coulter Ireland grabbed the Grand Prix 2019 sponsored by IDA IRELAND

Watch this space for the 2020 Awards!

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